Beyond Coal

Beyond Coal

Sierra Club Testifies to Clean up Coal Combustion Waste

At the request of the Sierra Club, on September 17 the New Mexico Mining and Minerals Division of the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department held an informal conference in Farmington to consider issues raised by Sierra Club regarding the renewal of the mining permit for the San Juan Mine. The Sierra Club testified that concentrations of lead, selenium, arsenic, cadmium, boron, sulfates, and chlorides have been increasing to levels above drinking water standards in the shallow gravel aquifer underneath the Shumway arroyo, which drains the western perimeter of the San Juan Mine.

No Blackstone Coal campaign launched

Rio Puerco

July 15 — As part of the Sierra Club's long term commitment to transition from dirty coal to clean energy, the No Blackstone Coal campaign was launched to influence Blackstone corporate leaders to invest in renewable energy projects instead of coal projects. So far, this campaign has caused 1500 people to send e-mails to the CEO of Blackstone urging him to invest in renewable energy and not coal projects.

Carbon Capture & Sequestration Proponents admit that It Is NOT Clean

July 14 — Clean coal is an oxymoron. In other words, it is not real. Even the most advanced coal-fired power plant designs that have been conceived are not clean….

100 Coal Plants Prevented or Abandoned Movement Sparks Shift to Cleaner Energy and Over 400 Million Fewer Tons of CO2

Wind turbines

July 9 — Washington, DC: Americans can breathe easier today as Intermountain Power’s coal plant in Utah became the 100th new coal plant to be prevented or abandoned since the beginning of the coal rush in 2001. In their place, a smart mix of clean energy solutions like energy efficiency, wind, solar and geothermal has stepped up to meet America’s energy needs.

Arizona, New Mexico and the Navajo Nation Groups Team to Transition from Coal to Clean Energy

Coal - Page, Az

June 11 — Fifteen environmental organizations from Arizona, New Mexico and the Navajo Nation are teaming together to transition from coal-fired power to clean energy.

Sierra Club leads action to Reduce Air Pollution from PNM Coal-Fired Power Plant

Coal - San Juan

May 15 — The Sierra Club, the Grand Canyon Trust, and the NM Environment Department initiated legal action against PNM to significantly reduce pollution from its San Juan coal-fired power plant. Due to this legal action, an agreement was reached that required PNM to implement environmental upgrades. These upgrades, totaling $330M, were completed in 2Q09.

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