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Clean Energy News

The Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club is focused on energy issues that have a direct impact on climate change, air pollution, and the green economy. These activities are part of the national Sierra Club priorities “Beyond Coal,” “Clean Energy Solutions,” and “Federal and International Climate Campaign.”

This focus includes activities at all levels.

  • International: Chapter Conservation Chair Ken Hughes participated with 20 other Sierra Club volunteers in the Club’s delegation to the Copenhagen UN Conference on Climate Change this December.
  • National: Shrayas Jatkar, our national staffer located in Albuquerque, leads our efforts on national legislation.
  • Regional: The Sierra Club is leading a group of 15 environmental groups from Arizona and New Mexico to transition dirty coal to clean energy.
  • State: The Sierra Club is working with the Coalition for Clean and Affordable Energy (CCAE) to implement increasing renewable energy sources throughout the state. Increased use of distributed solar energy (residential rooftops) is a major priority for both climate change and significant impact on green jobs for local economies. Implementation of energy efficiency programs is also a significant activity that benefits the economy and climate change.
  • Local: The Cool Cities program works with municipalities that have signed up to support the U.S. Mayors Agreement on Climate Protection. Santa Fe and Albuquerque have had major programs in place.
  • For more information about all Chapter campaigns, contact Chapter ExCom member and Northern New Mexico Group Chair David Van Winkle (505/820-1006, -David Van Winkle