Clean Energy Solutions

Clean Energy Solutions

Taos Rallies for Climate Change Legislation

Taos 350 day

Oct. 24, 2009, Sierra Club volunteers from Sentinels—Rios de Taos
combined with Amigos Bravos, Rivers and Birds, Rocky Mountain Youth Corps, and other environmentally oriented organizations in Taos to
raise public awareness about global warming.

Sierra Club Engages Hundreds on Climate Action

Oct. 24, 2009 - Supported by Conservation Voters New Mexico (Molly Brook, CVNM's Global Warming Program Associate) and New Mexico Interfaith Power & Light, the Sierra Club's October 24th event for's International Day of Climate Action outside the Albuquerque Aquarium attracted numerous volunteers and hundreds of visitors, young and old, who submitted statements on the importance of climate action and signed petitions urging adoption of the City's Climate Action Plan.

LANL Technology quantifies Climate Change Actions

Oct. 20, 2009 - Quantifying our actions in regard to climate change is the purpose of LANL’s model CLimate Energy Assessment for Resiliency—CLEAR.

Environmental Groups, Southwest Tribes Stand Together to Promote Clean, Renewable Energy

SW tribes

October 1, Flagstaff, Arizona — As Hopi and Navajo leaders in the American Southwest evaluate their energy policies, the Sierra Club and other environmental groups remain committed to working with their tribal partners to find clean energy solutions that work for everyone.

Energy Audit: First step in developing your energy plan

Green Plug

Dexter Coolidge, Northern New Mexico Group Conservation Chair, reports on his energy audit that he had completed prior to his investments in solar thermal and solar PV...

One Trash Can a Year


Oct. 20, 2009 - Louise Pape, Vice Chair of the Sustainable Santa Fe Commission, led a workshop for the Northern New Mexico Group titled “One Trash Can per Year.”

Los Alamos High School Looks to Go Green

Sept 15, 2009 - The new Los Alamos High School will be green...meaning energy efficient, healthy, and beautiful.

Lobbying in Congress for the Clean Water Act

Lujan Taos

During Clean Water Week, February 22-28, four New Mexicans traveled to Washington, DC to participate in the Clean Water Week ’09 Lobby Day, sponsored by the Clean Water Network.

Solar Energy for the Home: Now it costs Nothing

Solar PV - by DVW

It is now possible to have solar energy for your home without upfront investment and have positive cash flow. Recent laws passed by the New Mexico Legislature and signed by Governor Richardson have significantly changed the financial benefits of solar energy for residences.

Solar Thermal Energy

Solar Thermal Panels by DVW

Want to reduce your energy consumption, greenhouse-gas footprint, and energy bills and increase energy efficiency? Well, did you know that on average, 65% of home energy bills in New Mexico are associated with producing domestic hot-water and home heating? You may or may not be aware of the fact that solar heat is more efficient than photovoltaic (PV), producing five times more useful energy than solar electric.

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