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House committee passes bill that guts Renewable Energy Act

Solar - City of Santa Fe - Green Jobs

A bill that would kill New Mexico jobs -- as well as millions of dollars in state and local revenues and lease payments to landowners -- passed the House Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Committee on a party-line vote of 5-4 Friday.

HB445 is sponsored by Rep. Larry Scott, who admitted he does not accept the scientific consensus that burning fossil fuels contributes to climate change.

Please click here to ask your legislator to reject this attack on renewable energy and New Mexico's economy.

Tell your state representative not to gut our Renewable Energy Act

Solar - City of Santa Fe - Green Jobs

Now that this bill gutting our Renewable Energy Act has passed its first committee, it's even more important to contact your legislator and tell him or her to reject this misguided attack on renewables.

House Bill 445, sponsored by Rep. Larry Scott, would eliminate New Mexico's requirement for investor-owned utilities to provide 20 percent renewable energy by 2020.

Rio Grande Chapter legislative priorities

Roundhouse - by Dan Lorimier

Renewing solar credits crucial to economic development and maintaining the solar industry in New Mexico is among our top priorities this legislative session, along with stopping coyote-killing contests and cruel trapping:

SANTA FE, Feb. 2, 2015 — Rio Grande Chapter volunteers and staff are advocating for and against dozens of bills at the Roundhouse during the 2015 New Mexico legislative session.

NM at Center of Obama's Climate-Change Proposal

Oil Drilling

January 22, 2015 - Troy Wilde, Public News Service (NM)

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FARMINGTON, N.M. – New Mexico may be among the states most impacted by President Barack Obama's effort to regulate and reduce methane gas emissions.

Mike Eisenfeld, New Mexico energy coordinator for the advocacy group San Juan Citizens Alliance, says NASA released a report last year that shows the Four Corners region is a hot spot, responsible for producing the largest concentration of methane seen over the United States.

Kinder Morgan landmen back for CO2 project

Teresa Seamster, Northern New Mexico Group Co-Chair, December 20, 2015

The Kinder Morgan landmen are back in Torrance County, trying to acquire land from ranchers for a pipe yard on Highway 41 south of Estancia, and prime vega land from landowners south of Highway 60 for their pipeline operation to carry carbon dioxide.

Many informed residents in the county have spoken publicly in opposition to the pipeline, and no permits for a pipe yard will be considered until after the draft Environmental Impact Statement is released in 2015.

Coal mine would be a dirty deal for PNM ratepayers

Coal Waste

By Mona Blaber

PNM appears to be placing all its bets on climate-killing coal.

In addition to its recently announced plans for a 12 percent rate hike and a $20-$30 fee for solar users, PNM has revealed it is considering buying San Juan Coal Mine in order to prop up the aging and polluting San Juan Generating Station.

According to PNM’s most recent quarterly earnings report, the utility has interest in purchasing the San Juan mine, which would prolong the life of one of the region’s biggest threats to public health and our climate.

PNM requests rate hike, fine for solar users

Coal - San Juan

By Mona Blaber, Chapter Communications Coordinator

Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) proposed a rate plan Dec. 12 that would hike the average resident’s rates by 14 percent while lowering some of the largest users’ rates by more than 7 percent.

PNM also wants to impose a monthly fee of about $20 to $30 on those who install solar energy at their homes.

Under the proposal, PNM claims that New Mexico’s biggest corporations are subsidizing residential users, and that’s why it is lowering the biggest customers’ bills and raising the bills of the smallest users.

Tell the PRC: A coal mine would be a disastrous investment for PNM

Coal - San Juan

December 20, 2014

PNM appears to be placing all its bets on climate-killing coal.

In addition to its request for a 12 percent rate hike and a $21-$36 monthly fee for everyone who installs home solar, PNM is still considering buying San Juan Coal Mine in order to prop up the aging and polluting San Juan Generating Station.

The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission is currently reviewing PNM's plans for the future of San Juan Generating Station. Now is the time to tell the PRC you want a clean-energy future, not a gamble on an aging coal mine:

PNM Plans to Waste Tens of Billions of Gallons of Water by Burning Fossil Fuels

For Immediate Release: June 25, 2014
Contact: David Robertson, Sierra Club – Rio Grande Chapter, 505-803-6242

Albuquerque, NM --- The Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) is squandering a chance to save tens of billions of gallons of water through the year 2033 by investing in large-scale, cost-effective renewable energy. PNM is instead planning to use mostly nuclear, coal, and natural gas, all highly water intensive, to replace the power from two soon to be shuttered stacks at the San Juan Generating Stations in northwestern New Mexico. The Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club and 350 New Mexico issued its “PNM Water You Thinking Report” today detailing PNM's plan to unnecessarily consume large amounts of water in power production, which the utility described in their December filing to the Public Regulation Commission (PRC).

Clean Energy Solutions

Solar PV - by DVW

Clean Energy News

The Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club is focused on energy issues that have a direct impact on climate change, air pollution, and the green economy. These activities are part of the national Sierra Club priorities “Beyond Coal,” “Clean Energy Solutions,” and “Federal and International Climate Campaign.”

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