Climate Change

Climate Change and Global Warming

One Trash Can a Year


Oct. 20, 2009 - Louise Pape, Vice Chair of the Sustainable Santa Fe Commission, led a workshop for the Northern New Mexico Group titled “One Trash Can per Year.”

Los Alamos High School Looks to Go Green

Sept 15, 2009 - The new Los Alamos High School will be green...meaning energy efficient, healthy, and beautiful.

Solar Energy for the Home: Now it costs Nothing

Solar PV - by DVW

It is now possible to have solar energy for your home without upfront investment and have positive cash flow. Recent laws passed by the New Mexico Legislature and signed by Governor Richardson have significantly changed the financial benefits of solar energy for residences.

Solar Thermal Energy

Solar Thermal Panels by DVW

Want to reduce your energy consumption, greenhouse-gas footprint, and energy bills and increase energy efficiency? Well, did you know that on average, 65% of home energy bills in New Mexico are associated with producing domestic hot-water and home heating? You may or may not be aware of the fact that solar heat is more efficient than photovoltaic (PV), producing five times more useful energy than solar electric.

Energy Works Sierra Club leads efforts to implement energy efficiency in working family residences

Energy Works

The Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club, the City of Santa Fe, and the Santa Fe Community Housing Trust are funding a pilot program (Energy Works) to implement energy efficiency in working family residences in Santa Fe. The Housing Trust coordinates the work in conjunction with Youth Works, Earth Works Institute and Los Amigos ERC. youth works

PNM’s New Proposed Renewable Energy Purchase Plan goes in the wrong direction


Sept. 2009 - PNM's Renewable Energy Purchase Plan (REPP), as submitted on July 1 to the Public Regulatory Commission, projects missing the renewable energy amount, required by law in the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), in 2011 by a whopping 147k MWh due to cost constraints. PNM also plans to limit small solar PV systems and totally eliminate the large solar PV incentive program.

Albuquerque Cool Cities: Scaling up and Reaching out

July 2009 - Albuquerque Cool Cities has evolved into a vibrant grassroots campaign since its launch a few years ago by local Sierra Club members Eva Thaddeus and Gary McFarland. Initially, the campaign zeroed in on fulfilling the core objective of the national Cool Cities campaign: getting city government to do everything it can to help solve climate change.

Green Building Code in Santa Fe Approved

Green Building Code in Santa Fe Approved

March 11, 2009 - The City Council of Santa Fe approved a new Green Building Code for new residential construction by a vote of 8-0. This is a major step in the City’s commitment to the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement.

David Van Winkle, our group Chair spoke during the public hearing section of the meeting. He said: "First, this Green Building Code reduces energy consumption by 50% and improves other measures of sustainability for new residences.

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