Cool Cities Las Cruces Kickoff Packs the Southern Group Office

Solar Home 2

On Earth Day, members, friends, and other organizations’ representatives filled the Rio Grande Chapter/Southern Group office for the first organizational meeting of the Cool Cities Las Cruces campaign. City Councilor Olga Pedroza also participated.

After decades of very conservative leadership, Las Cruces is experiencing a cultural shift that has put a much more progressive city council and administration in place. With this hopeful social and political landscape, Las Cruces offers an exciting opportunity as a Cool Cities location.

Attendees described some potential Cool Cities teams to handle public education and media, a Cool Biz project, community gardens and recycling, Solar Tax district development, and several other types of projects to help move the City along the path it has chosen into the future.

Our next step is to form a steering committee and mobilize the team leaders to help them organize focused and effective teams. Las Crucens are ready to embrace a more sustainable future, and enthusiasm for our Cool Cities campaign is strong! —Dan Lorimier