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Contributions to the Sierra Club are not tax-deductible. They support our effective, citizen-based advocacy and lobbying efforts. If you wish to make a tax-deductible contribution to the Sierra Club Foundation, please send an e-mail to our Chapter Treasurer, Mark Jones at

Thank you for considering a donation to the Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club. We really appreciate your contribution and will ensure that it is spent wisely to protect the environment in this area. Your donation will help:

  • Provide clean air and water
  • Accelerate the transition from dirty to clean energy
  • Accelerate growth of the clean energy economy
  • Protect public lands and wildlife
  • Involve youth in these programs

Donate to the Rio Grande Chapter Political Action Committee:

Individuals may not make contributions in an amount that will cause that person's total contributions to the Rio Grande Chapter Sierra Club PAC to exceed $5,000 during a primary election or $5,000 during a general election.
Contributions or gifts to Rio Grande Chapter of Sierra Club PAC are not tax-deductible.