Mora and San Miguel Counties Developing Responses to Possible Drilling

Paradox Gas Well

Events continue to unfold in the drilling controversy brewing in Mora and San Miguel counties.

Home Energy Strategy: Assess, Reduce Consumption, Install Solar


Everyone has a mechanical inspection prior to buying a house to insure that the dishwasher works. Everyone should also have an energy audit to insure that the house works properly. It will save you $1000’s.

Copenhagen Climate Conference, From the Inside

Our Future

Dec. 2009 - Ken Hughes, Rio Grande Chapter Conservation Chair, attended the UN Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen. This is his insider's view of that conference.

Clean Energy Legislation Primer

U.S. Capitol

Read about the various federal legislation alternatives on carbon emission regulation that will create a more balanced playing field that will facilitate local job growth.

Climate Change Needs Urgent Action

Wind turbines

Nov. 17, 2009 - We are fortunate that Senators Bingaman and Udall, and Representative Lujan believe that global climate change is a serious problem that must be addressed. But they need your calls, emails, or letters to let them know that their constituents support strong action.

Albuquerque’s New City Council Poised to Implement Innovative Energy Financing

ABQ BalloonFest

Nov. 2009 - When Albuquerque's new City Council first convened in December, it was poised to create a city-wide “Renewable Energy Financing District,” allowing property owners to finance renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic and thermal solar through their property taxes. The Ordinance creating the District, O-09-87, was deferred through the month and is now scheduled for final action at the Council’s January 4th meeting.

Santa Fe County and City Pass Resolution Supporting Federal Climate Change Action

Senators Bingaman Udall

Nov. 2009 - Santa Fe County and the City of Santa Fe City Council passed a resolution to support federal legislation on climate change and support for a green economy.

Victory for new ABQ building codes

ABQ satellite view

Oct. 2009 - The Sierra Club and Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) led the effort to ensure that the “2009 Interim Albuquerque Energy Conservation Code (2009 Interim AECC)” was adopted by the Albuquerque City Council.

Sierra Club Seeks Cleanup of Open-Pit Coal Ash Dump

Coal Waste

Dec 2009 - The Sierra Club today put the San Juan Coal Company on notice for failing to properly dispose of millions of tons of toxic coal ash and scrubber sludge each year. The San Juan Coal Company has dumped more than 40 million tons of coal combustion waste containing pollutants like arsenic, lead, and mercury into massive unlined pits at the San Juan Mine, about 10 miles west of Farmington.

LANL Technology quantifies Climate Change Actions

Oct. 20, 2009 - Quantifying our actions in regard to climate change is the purpose of LANL’s model CLimate Energy Assessment for Resiliency—CLEAR.

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