Sierra Club Seeks Cleanup of Open-Pit Coal Ash Dump

Coal Waste

Dec 2009 - The Sierra Club today put the San Juan Coal Company on notice for failing to properly dispose of millions of tons of toxic coal ash and scrubber sludge each year. The San Juan Coal Company has dumped more than 40 million tons of coal combustion waste containing pollutants like arsenic, lead, and mercury into massive unlined pits at the San Juan Mine, about 10 miles west of Farmington.

LANL Technology quantifies Climate Change Actions

Oct. 20, 2009 - Quantifying our actions in regard to climate change is the purpose of LANL’s model CLimate Energy Assessment for Resiliency—CLEAR.

Environmental Groups, Southwest Tribes Stand Together to Promote Clean, Renewable Energy

SW tribes

October 1, Flagstaff, Arizona — As Hopi and Navajo leaders in the American Southwest evaluate their energy policies, the Sierra Club and other environmental groups remain committed to working with their tribal partners to find clean energy solutions that work for everyone.

Energy Audit: First step in developing your energy plan

Green Plug

Dexter Coolidge, Northern New Mexico Group Conservation Chair, reports on his energy audit that he had completed prior to his investments in solar thermal and solar PV...

Creating a Transportation System for the 21st Century

ABQ downtown

Our nation’s transportation policy is in desperate need of reform. Significant portions of America’s roads, bridges, and transit systems are in a state of disrepair. Our auto-dependent transportation sector consumes two-thirds of the 20 million barrels of oil used each day in the United States and emits roughly one-third of the nation’s greenhouse emissions.

What Is the Next Big Thing in Automobiles?

Algae Biodiesel

Santa Fe’s own Fred Vang, an automotive consultant, gave a provocative seminar on the future of automobiles to a packed house on November 17. This seminar was the fourth in a series on Sustainable Living that was presented by the Northern New Mexico Group in 2009. The talk and discussion included both short-term and long term issues related to cars.

EPA Revokes Air Permit for Desert Rock

Desert Rock

September 25, San Francisco (CA) — The long-contested air permit for the controversial Sithe Global Desert Rock coal-fired power plant on the Navajo Reservation was officially revoked by the Environmental Protection Agency today due to confirmed deficiencies in the permit's environmental analysis.

Sierra Club Testifies to Clean up Coal Combustion Waste

At the request of the Sierra Club, on September 17 the New Mexico Mining and Minerals Division of the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department held an informal conference in Farmington to consider issues raised by Sierra Club regarding the renewal of the mining permit for the San Juan Mine. The Sierra Club testified that concentrations of lead, selenium, arsenic, cadmium, boron, sulfates, and chlorides have been increasing to levels above drinking water standards in the shallow gravel aquifer underneath the Shumway arroyo, which drains the western perimeter of the San Juan Mine.

No Blackstone Coal campaign launched

Rio Puerco

July 15 — As part of the Sierra Club's long term commitment to transition from dirty coal to clean energy, the No Blackstone Coal campaign was launched to influence Blackstone corporate leaders to invest in renewable energy projects instead of coal projects. So far, this campaign has caused 1500 people to send e-mails to the CEO of Blackstone urging him to invest in renewable energy and not coal projects.

Carbon Capture & Sequestration Proponents admit that It Is NOT Clean

July 14 — Clean coal is an oxymoron. In other words, it is not real. Even the most advanced coal-fired power plant designs that have been conceived are not clean….

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