Climate Change - American Public Health Association

The American Public Health Association published Climate Change: Mastering the Public Health Role in April 2011. This document has many useful charts and information regarding the impact of climate change. Please follow this link to access it.

Included in this report is the chart that shows that 98% of climatologists, who are active in publishing on climate change, believe that climate change is human caused.

Climate Change link to Wildfires in NM


Only John Fleck of the Journal has connected the obvious dots between wildfires and climate. I've emailed other reporters to ask them to discuss this connection -- while complex, it should not be ignored: Warming will make conditions conducive to fires worse and worse.

If a few more people wrote a short note to each of these fire reporters, it would be hard for them to ignore. After all, they can talk to scientists right at the center of things in Los Alamos.

Staci Matlock and Nico Roesler of The New Mexican:,

New Mexico Board Chooses Pollution

Desert Rock

State considered information provided by PNM, not EPA

State plan would have 4 times as much pollution

In the last issue of The Sierran, I wrote about the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to install pollution controls on two coal plants in New Mexico’s Four Corners region (San Juan Generating Station and Four Corners Power Plant). The EPA’s proposal for selective catalytic reduction controls would reduce the amount of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emitted by the plant by 80 percent.

Activist DeChristopher speaks in Santa Fe

Arches (Delicate)

By Lora Lucero

Tim DeChristopher admits that he didn’t really plan to purchase 22,000 acres near Moab and the Canyon Lands National Park in Utah when he entered the oil and gas auction on Dec. 17, 2008.

New Mexicans Decry Construction Industries Commission, Vote to Revoke Energy-Saving Building Code

Governor Martinez plan to scrap 2009 NM Energy Conservation Code will prompt energy waste, higher utility bills and increased pollution

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – The state’s Construction Industries Commission voted today to scrap the 2009 NM Energy Conservation Code (NMECC) that was adopted in 2010 after a series of open and public hearings that included evidence from stakeholders across the state. At the same time, the Commission voted to adopt a new energy-wasting code that would meet the bare minimum federal standards without any of the New Mexico-specific features that were incorporated into the 2009 NMECC.

U.S. Population key factor


It’s great to see youth interested in population (April, May, June edition), but disappointing that they are apparently unaware of the part population super giants—such as the United States—play. I hope the Sierra Club, 30 years ago a leader on domestic population issues, is not misleading youth.

State commission's repeal won't change Santa Fe's green codes

Green Building Code in Santa Fe Approved

Originally published in the Santa Fe New Mexican on June 11

The decision Friday by the state Construction Industries Commission to repeal an energy efficiency code won't affect the city of Santa Fe's green building policies.

The City Council approved a new green building code in 2009 that was more stringent than the state's.

The city's building code requires new houses to achieve a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index of 70.

NM Building Codes Under Attack

Green Building

9 am - noon, Thursday, June 2
Public hearings in Albquerque, Farmington, Las Cruces, & Roswell.

Secret meetings. Gag orders on staff. Suspending state officials for not complying with Governor Martinez’s heavy-handedness. These are the tactics being employed by the Martinez Administration in an ongoing attempt to rollback our sensible, energy-saving, money-saving building codes.

Add your comment to the public record.

Please consider reading your statement at one of the upcoming public hearings being held around the state on June 2nd. Stand up for better building codes and energy efficiency – the fastest, safest, and cheapest way to reign in global warming pollution!

Having Fun while Saving Money and the Environment

Solar Thermal Panels by DVW

How to Reduce your Carbon Footprint, Send Less Money to Middle Eastern Kleptocracies, Reduce Pollution from the Canadian Tar Sands, and Save a Ton of Money, while Having Fun

By Dexter Coolidge

Solar thermal for heating the house is, of course, used only part of the year. However, last year we took the leap to heat the whole house with solar thermal, with a boiler assist, largely for environmental reasons. I am exhilarated by the results. The environmental impact has been far greater than I expected and the dollar savings have astonished me.

Significant Court Win Clears the Way for Better, Cleaner Car Standards

Plug-in Hybrid 2 © DVW

Federal Court of Appeals Ruling Will Help Create Better Transportation Choices for Americans and Reduce Dangerous Air Pollution

April 29, Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Court of Appeals today rejected the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s attempt to overturn California’s authority to implement tailpipe carbon pollution standards for new cars – this was the final legal attack on California’s landmark carbon pollution standards.

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