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The Sierra Club is working at both the national and local levels to:

  • Combat global climate change
  • Preserve irreplaceable wild lands and wildlife
  • Provide a safe and healthy community in which to live

The Sierra Club is primarily a volunteer organization. However, your membership helps provide the funds needed for the professional staff to help coordinate our activities, for legal actions against polluters, and for necessary support for our conservation activities.
In addition, the fact that the Sierra Club represents more than 600,000 Americans nationwide and over 8,000 in New Mexico lends authority and credibility to our efforts.

Each membership strengthens our organization – both financially, and through the influence the Club is able to wield. Even if you don’t have the time to be an active volunteer, you are a needed part of the Club.

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If you join the Sierra Club right now at the $15 Membership level or above, you'll receive a FREE official Sierra Club Expedition Pack.In addition, part of your membership will go directly to support the Rio Grande Chapter!

Membership Benefits:

  • Sierra Magazine - 
Members stay well-informed with a one-year subscription to award-winning Sierra magazine filled with spectacular nature photography and in-depth reporting on the hottest environmental issues.
  • Discounts
 - Members receive discounts on all Sierra Club logo items including our distinguished books and celebrated calendars.
  • Worldwide Outings Program - 
Travel to the far corners of the earth--paddling or pedaling, ski touring or trekking. We offer hundreds of exciting outings, from the tundra to the tropics. Members can even build trails, preserve archeological sites and help clean up the environment on our exhilarating Service Trips!
  • Local Chapter Membership - 
Members receive up-to-date news on local conservation issues and invitations to chapter events, and can also volunteer for local or national conservation campaigns.

Contributions or gifts to the Sierra Club are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions as they support our effective, citizen-based advocacy and lobbying efforts.
Your dues include subscription to Sierra magazine ($7.50), chapter publications ($1), and other member-only benefits.