Kids change the world - These Santa Fe young people are making a difference - Teaching the president about climate change

Photo courtesy Genevieve Russell

By Mona Blaber
Chapter communications coordinator

Marina Weber has been writing letters to President Obama since she was 6 years old.
Marina’s main concern was about animals suffering and dying as a result of climate change.

Marina, now 10, spoke at the March 1 Renewable Energy Day at the New Mexico Legislature, sponsored by Sierra Club and Got Sol, about why she decided to do more to take action on the climate crisis.

In February 2012, the Santa Fe fourth-grader listened to President Obama’s State of the Union address. “I noticed that he only mentioned climate change once. Last year, in third grade, we learned about how global warming affects the animals and plants. We saw a picture of people cutting down trees and we cursed it,” Marina said.

“I was mad at President Obama for not understanding more about climate change, so I decided to send him a book I had read on it. Then I decided to write a book instead and send it to him.”

She enlisted the help of her classmate, Joanna Whysner, to illustrate the book. With the book nearing completion, the girls have designed bumper stickers and T-shirts to promote their developing website: global warming express web site.

When the site is ready, other kids will be encouraged to contribute ideas in pictures and text.

“I hope that people all over the world will see it and get involved,” Marina said. “We hope that kids can log on and write us their stories, either about things that are happening in their part of the world because of climate change that are bad, or about actions that they are doing to help stop or slow down global warming.”

Marina and Joanna’s class at Acequia Madre has already jumped on board to form the Global Warming Express after-school club.

For more information on how to participate, go to