Transitions for Northern New Mexico Outings team

Transitions in Northern New Mexico Outings Group
Mary Thompson, who has been the Outings Co-Chair for the Northern Group since 2011, has elected to step down from that role and return to “just” leading hikes and doing all her other activities. Mary’s most notable contribution to the program was probably the establishment of our Meetup site. She was also a frequent contributor to Sierra Trail Mix, the initiator behind recent hiker speaker/party nights and leader meetings and communications, and performed other chair duties. We sincerely thank her for her service.
Replacing Mary is Alan Shapiro. As a fairly recent retiree, Alan spends much of his free time dayhiking, backpacking, Nordic skiing, and bike touring. He’s also skilled with maps, GPS, and radio communications and has led creative hikes for a number of years. Alan’s at 505-424-9242, email
Outings e-mail
The Northern New Mexico Group has a weekly outings email called Sierra Trail Mix. It provides information on outings plus useful outdoor information, such as trail conditions. Sign up by emailing with any subject and a message that says SUBSCRIBE RIO-NORTH-OUTINGS.