Bosquitos make nature art

Bosquitos Alli courtesy Sarita Streng

By Sarita Streng, Central New Mexico Group
The Bosquitos (the kids and kids-of-all-ages group of the Bosque Action Team) got together on Feb. 23 for a “Land Art” event led by Sandria Cook and Allison “Alli” Theoret.
More than 50 people attended! We met near the Rio Grande and the Central Avenue bridge and walked south along the river. We made “shadow art” and many other wonderful creations. The rules for our art-making included: no walking on plants, don’t disturb or go near anything that looks like an animal’s home, no cutting anything, and make something that will wash away in a few rainstorms.
So ... most of our art ended up being made with sticks, dried, leaves, and sand/mud. Some of the art included animal houses, a stick-based Tyrannosaurus rex, a mud “ice-cream” statue, a stick harp, and some art pieces that were homages to the river and the Bosque. Many Bosquitos talked about the joy of spending an afternoon playing and making art by the river. See the photos attached and thank you to Jessica Krichels for taking them. If you would like to see more of the photos, email Sarita at and I will send you a link to more photos.
Our next Bosquitos meeting is March 30 from 2-4 pm with the Kids’ Climate Change group. We will meet at the Rio Grande Nature Center to learn about solar energy. Our leaders for learning about solar energy will be Charlie Hanley, who works at Sandia with photovoltaic initiatives, and Nick Babic of Affordable Solar.
These Bosquito dads will be bringing solar panels for us to learn about and experiment with. Weather permitting, we will also bake cookies in a solar oven! The event, as always, is free, but if you park a car at the Nature Center, the fee is $3.
Please invite your friends to come learn about our beautiful Bosque and ways to take care of our planet and climate.