Take Action: NM Game Commission may try to stop federal wolf reintroduction


The cancelled Aug. 21 New Mexico Game Commission meeting has been rescheduled but they are still planning to discuss and may vote on a rule change that could threaten the recovery of endangered Mexican wolves.

The proposal would give the state Game Commission excessive authority to approve any application for the possession, use, release or importation of wolves or any predatory animals for the purpose of recovery, reintroduction, conditioning, establishment or reestablishment in New Mexico.

The rescheduled Game Commission meeting:

When: Thursday August 28, 2014 at 9 AM

Where: The state capitol building Santa Fe, 491 Old Santa Fe Trail, Room 321

What: Agenda item #8. Scroll down at this link to see the underlined proposals.

Commissioners still need to hear from you that wolves are important to nature and that the Commission's anti-carnivore proposal is not sound management. It belies a narrow, anti-wildlife self-interest that does not serve the majority of New Mexicans. Legally, federally endangered species recovery is the responsibility of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, a federal agency. But historically, the Fish and Wildlife Service often defers to the wishes of the state agencies.

If you go and want to speak, please fill out a speaker card for agenda item #8. Each person will be allowed 2-3 minutes after commission discussion and before a decision is made.

If you can’t attend, or even if you can, please click here to send a message to commissioners: http://bit.ly/1rPtmNq