Copper Flat Mine: It's the water

The mine will take an inordinate amount of water (perhaps a third of all groundwater used in the county) and not return any to the aquifer because of pollution.
Copper Flat Mine tempts residents with job promises but would rob county of a resource already in short supply.

Letter: Better way to address fracking

Dear Sierran Editor:

By all accounts that I’ve read, hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) deserves
its destructive reputation and community outrage. Local elected officials must have the land-use regulatory tools and the political willpower to protect their communities. But these Community Rights Ordinances are not the solution, and so I must disagree with the piece about community rights and fracking in the July/August/September issue.

NM: Close 2 units of San Juan Generating Station

SJGS © WildEarth Guardians

New Mexico Environment Department on Oct. 2 announced that it is proposing to retire two of the four units at coal-powered San Juan Generating Station and leave the two larger units in operation. The state also proposed building a natural-gas plant to add generation.

Conservation Organizations Petition Feds for Protection for Relocated Prairie Dogs

Relocation Site at El Malpais National Conservation Area Allows Recreational Shooting

some recently published letters about San Juan Generating Station/PNM

SJGS © WildEarth Guardians

Dirty Coal Is Just So Last Century

A FEW YEARS ago I toured the massive coal-burning power plant that has generated much of New Mexico’s electricity for the last 40 years. It’s a huge, impressive behemoth of a plant. And, like the behemoths of the age of the dinosaurs, its time has come. San Juan Generating Station should be retired, not retooled.

Sign our petition: Tell PNM to retire coal and transition to clean energy!

RETIRE Coal at the San Juan Coal Plant. REPOWER the Southwest with Clean Energy. REGENERATE the Four Corners and New Mexico’s Economy.

Flip on a light switch in New Mexico and much of that electricity comes from burning coal at an aging PNM power plant that spews harmful pollutants across our region’s skies.

The pollution from that dirty power plant reaches children, whose small lungs are easily damaged. It also reaches seniors, who are vulnerable to air pollution as well. Pollutants from the San Juan Generating Station cause hundreds of asthma attacks and tens of millions a year in public health costs.[i]

Instead of moving forward to protect our families and New Mexico’s economy, PNM is trying to drag us backwards. Instead of considering serious plans like retire coal altogether and transition to clean energy like solar, wind, and geothermal, PNM is trying to extend the use of its dangerous use of coal.

Tell PNM: it’s time for clean energy!

New Mexicans Deliver Thank You Card to Senators for Protecting Public Health




CONTACT: Shrayas Jatkar, 505-459-2718,

Group leaders named to State Land committee

New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands Ray Powell in May 2012 named Rio Grande Chapter leaders Norma McCallan and Ken Hughes to be part of a 12-member Conservation Advisory Committtee for the State Land Office.

Member Story: House Savings

Norma Reyes

Member Story: House Savings

Four years ago, I started greening my house as I made needed repairs. First I replaced the main windows with double-pane, energy-saving windows (which also reduced outside noise considerably). I have followed up with Energy Star toilets (rebate water credit paid for them entirely), showerheads, refrigerator, dishwasher and entry door. I’ve also installed an energy efficient garage door and put a thermal blanket on the water heater.

Solar Saves the Day

photo by Ken Hughes

Solar System kept water pumping when fire knocked out other power
(From the New Mexico Energy and Minerals Department)

RUIDOSO, N.M. – A solar photovoltaic system installed by the Sun Valley Water and Sanitation District kept the water pumping to volunteer firefighters fighting the Little Bear Fire when all other power in the area was lost.

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