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Roundhouse - by Dan Lorimier

During the current 30-day state Legislative session, the Rio Grande Chapter is advocating for a bill to allow tax credits when you purchase a plug-in electric vehicle, as well as infrastructure incentives for EVs, plus other smart energy-efficiency legislation at the Roundhouse this year. We're also fighting a bill that would make it harder for neighbors to sue polluting dairy facilities. To learn more and get updates and information on how to contact your legislator on important environmental legislation, please sign up for our email list:

NEW DATE - March 20 - Proposed La Bajada Mesa strip mine public hearing


UPDATE: The Case Manager Jose Larrañaga has postponed the Buena Vista / Rockology hearing before the County Development Review Committee (CDRC) until next month, Thursday, March 20.

On March 20th the proposed plan will be heard by the Santa Fe County - see attached poster.

PLEASE COME TO THE HEARING AND EMAIL the Case Manager, Jose Larrañaga :
Dear Mr. Larrañaga, we do not support mining in this location because :

Crawford Symposium - Feb. 25 - ABQ


2014 Crawford Symposium ~ Green Trails for the Next Generation ~

What: A gathering and celebration to share our research and ideas about the New Mexico bosque and landscape we cherish. This is an event for high school school & college students, professionals and the community to promote information sharing, networking and action to help create a sustainable future!

Date: Tuesday, February 25th 2014

Location: Bosque School ~ Budagher Hall, 4000 Learning Road NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120

Richard Barish interview by VB Price on Rio Grande Vision plan


The conversation offers objective insights into the Bosque issues and the Rio Grande Vision plan in a comprehensive manner.

V.B. Price talks with Richard Barish, the Bosque Issues chair for the Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter, about how Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry's Rio Grande Vision plan will impact the Bosque.

New Mexico Mercury

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Westerners pack the room for wolves

FWSWolfHearing-photobyJan Maguire.jpg

By Mary Katherine Ray, Chapter Wildlife Chair

With the government back in business after its October shutdown, all of U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s public hearings on its rule proposals for wolf management have been held. One was in Washington DC before the shutdown, afterwards there was one in Denver, Sacramento, Albuquerque and Pinetop, Ariz. The last two also allowed testimony about the proposed Mexican Wolf rule changes in addition to the delisting all other wolves from Endangered Species protection.

You’re making good things happen


By Camilla Feibelman, chapter director

In the face of so many and such complex environmental issues, focus and strategic action are essential to achieving real, tangible change.

Without focus and strategy we might be paralyzed by the scale of what we are confronting. But if we organize in a way that lets people take measurable action toward change that we can see and feel, we are more likely to be successful.

Four additions to chapter executive team

By Ken Hughes, Nominating Committee Chair

In December, the Rio Grande Chapter welcomed to its Executive Committee four new members and two returning members after elections with unprecedented participation.

Longtime members Laurence Gibson of El Paso and Norma McCallan of Santa Fe return to the committee. The Executive Committee’s new members bring a wealth of talent along with renewed commitment to exploring, enjoying and protecting our environment.

Joining the board are:

El Paso activists join Otero Mesa team

Otero Mesa

By Dan Lorimier, Chapter Conservation Coordinator

In November 2013, El Paso Group activists met to create a campaign plan to gain National Monument status for Otero Mesa. The plan calls for grassroots education and volunteer opportunities as well as media, ecological and Congressional profile-raising and awareness in the area.

This is a new and important voice from Rio Grande Chapter Texans for permanently protecting this vast area that boasts iconic geologic, archaeological and historical records.

Bosque outings for kids


By Camilla Feibelman

The Bosquitos and Kids Climate Campaign are inviting families, friends and especially kids to join us for activities on the last Sunday of each month from 2 to 4 p.m.

Each event will be a unique opportunity to learn about the Rio Grande bosque and the climate and then to take an action. Please mark your calendar:

Sunday, Jan. 26: A visit to the Natural History Museum’s Degrees of Change Exhibit.

Sunday, Feb. 23: A walk in the Bosque and related art project.

Sunday, March 30: A Solar Energy Exploration where kids can link solar panels with toys and more.

A pro-bosque Albuquerque City Council majority


By Richard Barish, Central Group Bosque Issues Chair

Sierra Club and bosque activists volunteered in unprecedented numbers to ensure that Albuquerque has a bosque-friendly City Council.

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