Otero Mesa

Otero Mesa

All about the BLM and how to make a difference on our public lands

The Bureau of Land Management's public process is one of the most effective ways we can influence wildlife management, oil and gas drilling and protection of special sites on public land. But how does it work, and how can you make a difference? Ever wonder what NEPA, ACEC and other BLM-related terms mean? Join us Saturday and find out.

Jennifer Montoya of the BLM's Las Cruces office has kindly agreed to come to El Paso on Saturday, Dec. 13, to explain the BLM's mandate and how stakeholders, not just the Sierra Club, can engage the agency.

El Paso activists join Otero Mesa team

Otero Mesa

By Dan Lorimier, Chapter Conservation Coordinator

In November 2013, El Paso Group activists met to create a campaign plan to gain National Monument status for Otero Mesa. The plan calls for grassroots education and volunteer opportunities as well as media, ecological and Congressional profile-raising and awareness in the area.

This is a new and important voice from Rio Grande Chapter Texans for permanently protecting this vast area that boasts iconic geologic, archaeological and historical records.

BLM Resource Management Plan for Sierra, Otero and Doña Ana counties needs work — lots of it

Otero Mesa

By Dan Lorimier, chapter conservation coordinator

Back in 1986 the Bureau of Land Management’s Las Cruces District Office, which oversees roughly 5 million acres of federal lands in Hidalgo, Grant, Luna, Sierra, Doña Ana and Otero counties, finalized the White Sands Resource Management Plan for Sierra and Otero counties and in 1993 published the Mimbres Resource Management Plan covering Doña Ana, Luna, Hidalgo and Grant counties.

Mining in New Mexico: A roundup

Copper Flat site - provided by Dan Lorimer

By Dan Lorimer

With increasing market values for gold, silver, copper and other metals, new interest in New Mexico’s elemental resources has become much more active.

Otero Mesa - New hopes, new threats

Otero Mesa Grassland by Stephen Capra

New Mexico’s Otero Mesa is the largest and wildest Chihuahuan Desert grassland left on public lands in America. The area is located southeast of Alamogordo, west of Carlsbad and straddles the Texas border.

An Historic Recognition of Otero Mesa

Otero Mesa Grassland by Stephen Capra

Here in New Mexico we too share in notable landscapes, rich in history and opportunity. Otero Mesa is an irreplaceable natural treasure, our nation’s last intact Chihuahuan Grassland. Unfortunately, today Otero Mesa is under increasing threat from mining operations and the landscape scale molestation they would bring. Better protections are needed before this unique place is lost to us.

Outdoor Initiative Increases Opportunities

Youth with Senator Udall

This spring President Obama created the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative. This weekend leaders from the Department of Interior, Department of Agriculture, and the Environmental Protection Agency met with New Mexicans in Albuquerque to learn about our views of this program. This is my viewpoint on this issue.

  • We should all increase our use of the world-class outdoors opportunities that exist here in New Mexico.
  • The Federal government should provide new, expanded, and better protected public lands.
  • Increase opportunities for youth in the Great Outdoors.
  • Support local economies by investing in public lands.
  • Manage all public lands to comprehend climate change.

Governor Richardson Backs Creation of Otero Mesa National Monument

Otero Mesa Grassland by Stephen Capra

The Albuquerque Journal reported on March 19 that Governor Bill Richardson stated that he would support an effort to consider National Monument status for Otero Mesa. The governor’s comments were in a letter sent on March 18 to Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar.

The Otero Mesa Legacy of Governor Richardson and Sierra Club Volunteers

Otero Mesa Golden Gloves

In 1998, Rio Grande Chapter excom member Margot Wilson who lives in Southern New Mexico heeded the call to attend a scoping meeting on drilling for natural gas on Otero Mesa. Heyco Energy group, an oil and gas drilling company owned by the Yates family of Southeastern New Mexico had flooded the BLM with applications to drill on the pristine grassland so the agency called for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Sierra Club seeks Permanent Protection of Otero Mesa

Otero Mesa Grassland by Stephen Capra

The Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club is seeking permanent protection of Otero Mesa from oil and gas development, through BLM administrative options and through federal legislation.

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