Chapter leads creation of San Juan Basin Badlands Coalition

San Juan Badlands 3

A coalition of environmental organizations is forming to protect the San Juan Basin Badlands. An initial meeting was held on June 15 that was attended by representatives of the Sierra Club, Wilderness Society, New Mexico Wilderness Association, Native Plant Society, BLM, Congressional staffers, and Michael Richie.

The goal of this coalition is to protect these special lands by making them into a Wilderness Area by 2012. Many of these areas currently qualify for Special Recreation Management Area designation. This facilitates including them in a draft management plan that will be published by December 2010. This coalition will be working with the BLM in this management plan. This coalition will also be working with tribal organizations to help protect these unique areas.

To get involved, contact Tom Gorman at (505) 438-3932 or Norma McCallan at 505-471-0005 or