Sierra Club Endorsees Win in Santa Fe Municipal elections

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All three candidates that the Sierra Club endorsed in the Santa Fe Municipal elections of March 2, 2010 were re-elected. Congratulations to Mayor David Coss, Mayor Pro Tem/Councilor of District 2 Rebecca Wurzburger, and Councilor of District 1 Chris Calvert.

David Coss

The Northern New Mexico Group of the Sierra Club endorses Mayor David Coss for re-election as the Mayor of the City of Santa Fe.

David Van Winkle, Chair of the Northern New Mexico Group of the Sierra Club, spoke about his first-hand knowledge of David Coss as mayor of Santa Fe:

“Mayor Coss has taken a leadership role in establishing policies and ordinances that improve the environment and increase green jobs. His leadership led to the development of the Sustainable Santa Fe Plan, which addresses numerous aspects of sustainability. The City Council endorsed the plan by passing a resolution in 2007. He was also instrumental in creation of the Green Building Ordinance, passed in March 2009, which increases green jobs in Santa Fe while reducing energy dependence from outside the community. Mayor Coss has also been a major supporter of cost-effective solar energy for the city.”

“I’m extremely honored by the support of the Sierra Club,” said Mayor Coss. “I am very proud of the work we’ve done to restore the Santa Fe River, retrofit local homes to ensure energy efficiency, and help create alternative energy options in our city. I’m passionate about these issues and feel good about the city’s forward movement.”

Chris Calvert

The Northern New Mexico Group of the Sierra Club endorses Councilor Chris Calvert for re-election for Santa Fe District 1 City Council.

David Van Winkle, Chair of the Northern New Mexico Group of the Sierra Club, spoke about his personal knowledge of Chris Calvert as City Councilor for District 1 of Santa Fe:

“Councilor Calvert has been the leader on the city council to increase local jobs through solar energy projects and more energy efficient housing in Santa Fe. He was the leading sponsor of the Green Building Code ordinance that was passed in March 2009. As Chair of the Water Conservation Committee, he has been very effective in reducing water consumption for the city.”

“I want to thank the Sierra Club for their support and recognition” said Councilor Calvert. “We have made great progress in becoming a more sustainable community through our work on alternative energy, water conservation and a new green jobs economy, but we have more work to do. I am committed to continuing our progress in these areas.”

Rebecca Wurzburger

The Northern New Mexico Group of the Sierra Club endorses Councilor/Mayor Pro Tem Rebecca Wurzburger for re-election for Santa Fe City Council, District 2.

David Van Winkle, Chair of the Northern New Mexico Group, talks about her record.

“Councilor Wurzburger has taken leadership roles to establish sustainable water supplies, increase local jobs through support of solar energy for the city and support of the green building code. She has sponsored or co-sponsored, and voted for every initiative that supports sustainable water, clean energy, anti-sprawl and transportation alternatives. She has both supported and promoted these initiatives on a county-wide basis through her eight-year service on both the Buckman Diversion Board and the Regional Planning Authority. She initiated the development of the Santa Fe Pick-Up program, which not only has facilitated use of the Rail Runner but also has provided – for the first time – an alternate means of transportation into and around the downtown area.”

"I am honored to have the endorsement of the Sierra Club members whose values with respect to creating a more sustainable Santa Fe I share,” said Councilor Wurzburger. “I will continue to support these values in my third term as District 2 Councilor."