New Mexico Climate Master Program - Fall 2010 Session

Climate Masters Poster

Learn how to reduce your Carbon footprint and volunteer to train others to do the same. The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) is offering an 11 week course on Climate Change and Sustainability. The dates are from September 22 - December 8, 2010 and the class will be held in Albuquerque, NM.

Course participants are provided 30 hours of training, and in turn they "pay back" the program through volunteer service.

web site for general description of New Mexico Climate Masters

New Mexico to Lead the Nation in Energy Conservation Building Codes for New Homes

Green Building

Full Savings for Commercial Buildings Still in Question

Albuquerque, NM – July 30. Today, the New Mexico Construction Industries Commission (CIC) acted to save consumers money by adopting the 2009 New Mexico Energy Conservation Code (2009 NMECC) for new home construction. The new residential code will achieve 20 percent increase in energy efficiency on new homes beginning in 2011 via sound building science and technically proven measures. The codes will take effect on January 1, 2011 with a six month phase-in period to provide time for a statewide code training process to be completed.

Hands Across the Sands in Albuquerque

Hands Across the Sands ABQ

On June 26, more than 75 New Mexicans participated in the world's largest gathering against offshore oil drilling...and for clean energy solutions NOW! To get involved, contact Shrayas Jatkar at

Remember Deepwater Horizon

No More Drilling

In the first weeks after the oil platform “Deepwater Horizon” sank in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana, the standard “Drill, baby, drill” Republican mantra was notably absent. As the biggest environmental disaster in American history unfolded, perhaps even the staunchest ultra-right-wingers realized, as a matter of their own self-interest, that it was not the best time to push for more oil drilling-—in the lower 48, in Alaska or offshore. Perhaps they feared an anti-conservative backlash, as Americans saw at first hand the risks of our addiction to petroleum.

Celebrating the Legacies of New Mexico’s Eco Heroes

New Mexico lost three of its most respected conservationists this year....Stewart Udall, Marilyn Cooper, and Gail Ryba.

Clean-Energy Champion Gail Ryba Passes Away

Gail Ryba

At an Earth Day celebration in 2002 in Santa Fe, I spotted Gail Ryba riding her bike, wearing her ubiquitous yellow jacket. “So, Gail, how’d you like to take over for me as energy chair for the Rio Grande Chapter?” She replied, “Gee, I’m pretty busy with the bicycle coalition and the Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy and raising a child.” “I know,” I said, “I always look for overextended activists.” “Okay, I’ll think it over.” The very next day Gail called me and agreed to be the energy chair, and thus began Gail’s short but effective stint as a Sierra Club activist.

Sarah’s Green Tip of the Week - Tip #1: Flip That Switch

Green Plug

Sarah is a second grader in Las Cruces who is concerned enough about the effects that climate change will have on the planet that she is taking action to do something about it. Her principal agreed to let her regularly broadcast her “Green Tip of the Week” to the school about the problem and how kids can help. We think grownups can help, too, so we are pleased to introduce Sarah’s Green Tips here:

New Mexico Green Jobs Grow by 62%

Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference banner

Headwater Economics reports that green jobs grew by 62% in New Mexico since 1995. This compares favorably to overall job growth in New Mexico of 13%. The Sierra Club recently sent 18 New Mexicans to the Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference in Washington DC that will help support this strong growth in green, local jobs in the future.

Sierra Club Youth Attend Good Jobs, Green Jobs National Conference in Washington DC

Youth jump for joy at GJGJ conference

“I love nature.”
“I gotta work”
“I want good green jobs”

That was the rallying cry of the Sierra Club’s youth delegation at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs National Conference on May 4th – 6th. Representing dozens of communities in twenty states from across the country, 79 vibrant, green-minded young people descended upon Washington, DC demanding green jobs.

Buckman Direct Diversion Project Adopts Landmark Renewable Energy Contract

Solar PV - by DVW

In 1Q 2009, David Van Winkle and Dexter Coolidge of the Northern New Mexico Group of the Sierra Club met with Santa Fe Mayor David Coss, City of Santa Fe City Councilors and Santa Fe County Commissioners to convince them to use renewable energy for the Buckman water project. It became a reality last week.

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