Santa Fe's Louise Pape Water Conservation Efforts - National Geographic Feature

Pecos Falls

While most people use 100 gallons of water per day, Louise Pape uses only 10 gallons per day. Learn how she does it in the April 2010 edition of National Geograhic (article starts on page 172) or follow the link.

Stewart Udall's letter to his grandchildren - My generation’s mistakes, your generation’s epic challenge

Stewart Udall died on this years Vernal Equinox. A persistent snowstorm blanketed Santa Fe, the final home of our great friend. This is one of the last pieces he published. We are all his grandchildren. Hope springs eternal.

Food Inc.

Farmers Market

Judging by the strong turnout at our recent showing of "Food Inc."— and the numerous requests we received for more information —there is no topic generating more personal and national concern these days, and more impatience for solutions, than the dysfunctions of the American industrial food “system.”

ABQ Climate Action Plan Features Local Food

During these food-intensive months of November and December, it's worth directing attention to the fascinating proposals included in the Local Food and Agriculture track of the new Climate Action Plan.

Home Energy Strategy: Assess, Reduce Consumption, Install Solar


Everyone has a mechanical inspection prior to buying a house to insure that the dishwasher works. Everyone should also have an energy audit to insure that the house works properly. It will save you $1000’s.

Copenhagen Climate Conference, From the Inside

Our Future

Dec. 2009 - Ken Hughes, Rio Grande Chapter Conservation Chair, attended the UN Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen. This is his insider's view of that conference.

Clean Energy Legislation Primer

U.S. Capitol

Read about the various federal legislation alternatives on carbon emission regulation that will create a more balanced playing field that will facilitate local job growth.

Victory for new ABQ building codes

ABQ satellite view

Oct. 2009 - The Sierra Club and Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) led the effort to ensure that the “2009 Interim Albuquerque Energy Conservation Code (2009 Interim AECC)” was adopted by the Albuquerque City Council.

LANL Technology quantifies Climate Change Actions

Oct. 20, 2009 - Quantifying our actions in regard to climate change is the purpose of LANL’s model CLimate Energy Assessment for Resiliency—CLEAR.

Energy Audit: First step in developing your energy plan

Green Plug

Dexter Coolidge, Northern New Mexico Group Conservation Chair, reports on his energy audit that he had completed prior to his investments in solar thermal and solar PV...

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