The Santa Fe River Flows Again

Santa Fe River Mural

Nov 2009 - Santa Fe has this year experienced the near miraculous: the restoration of flow to the Santa Fe River through downtown. Over a hundred years ago, the de-watering of the river began with upstream dams, and since the 1950s only occasional flow has occurred. Our endorsement of current Mayor Coss and several councilors supportive of river restoration has led to this change.

Creating a Transportation System for the 21st Century

ABQ downtown

Our nation’s transportation policy is in desperate need of reform. Significant portions of America’s roads, bridges, and transit systems are in a state of disrepair. Our auto-dependent transportation sector consumes two-thirds of the 20 million barrels of oil used each day in the United States and emits roughly one-third of the nation’s greenhouse emissions.

What Is the Next Big Thing in Automobiles?

Algae Biodiesel

Santa Fe’s own Fred Vang, an automotive consultant, gave a provocative seminar on the future of automobiles to a packed house on November 17. This seminar was the fourth in a series on Sustainable Living that was presented by the Northern New Mexico Group in 2009. The talk and discussion included both short-term and long term issues related to cars.

Groups Unite to Restore Santa Fe River and Help the Homeless

Santa Fe River - JB

The Santa Fe Watershed Association launched the Adopt-the-River program a decade ago, and the Northern New Mexico Group of the Sierra Club was among the first stewards to sign up. In cooperation with the City of Santa Fe, the Watershed Association organized stewards to adopt a section of the river, keep it clear of trash, and help to reestablish native vegetation.

One Trash Can a Year


Oct. 20, 2009 - Louise Pape, Vice Chair of the Sustainable Santa Fe Commission, led a workshop for the Northern New Mexico Group titled “One Trash Can per Year.”

Los Alamos High School Looks to Go Green

Sept 15, 2009 - The new Los Alamos High School will be green...meaning energy efficient, healthy, and beautiful.

Solar Energy for the Home: Now it costs Nothing

Solar PV - by DVW

It is now possible to have solar energy for your home without upfront investment and have positive cash flow. Recent laws passed by the New Mexico Legislature and signed by Governor Richardson have significantly changed the financial benefits of solar energy for residences.

Solar Thermal Energy

Solar Thermal Panels by DVW

Want to reduce your energy consumption, greenhouse-gas footprint, and energy bills and increase energy efficiency? Well, did you know that on average, 65% of home energy bills in New Mexico are associated with producing domestic hot-water and home heating? You may or may not be aware of the fact that solar heat is more efficient than photovoltaic (PV), producing five times more useful energy than solar electric.

Energy Works Sierra Club leads efforts to implement energy efficiency in working family residences

Energy Works

The Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club, the City of Santa Fe, and the Santa Fe Community Housing Trust are funding a pilot program (Energy Works) to implement energy efficiency in working family residences in Santa Fe. The Housing Trust coordinates the work in conjunction with Youth Works, Earth Works Institute and Los Amigos ERC. youth works

Let’s Think Outside the Bottle: The Threat of Water Privatization

The wars of tomorrow may be fought over access to clean water, the World Bank predicts, as the number of people across the planet without enough safe and affordable drinking water is an estimated 1.4 billion and rising. This growing inequality in water access could mean that within two decades two-thirds of the world’s population could be without enough clean water, according to United Nations estimates.

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