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We can do it – without an air laser


By Jody Benson, Pajarito Group Newsletter Editor

Here’s a solution for three critical environmental issues: (1) coastal-land loss by a climate-caused rise in sea levels; (2) overconsumption; and (3) excessive population.

The solution? Use an air-based laser to melt the plastic in both of the Great Pacific Garbage Patches (in the eastern and western Pacific convergence zones) to create a consolidated plastic island, then drag one to North America, and one to Japan.

Focus on budget at Capitol

Roundhouse - by Dan Lorimier

By Dan Lorimier, Rio Grande Chapter Lobbyist

Our Legislature meets again on Jan. 21 for a “short” 30-day session. Proposed legislation must either have a direct impact on the state budget or on a short list of issues described by the governor. This session, the governor’s “call list” includes water issues facing New Mexico.

Every legislative session offers bills and memorials that offer the Rio Grande Chapter opportunities to improve or protect our land, air and water as well as legislation that proposes to sell off and threaten our priceless natural heritage.

Hundreds push back on Mayor Berry's "Rio Grande Vision"


By Richard Barish, Central New Mexico Group Bosque Issues Chair

Take action: Tell BLM to improve management plan for Otero Mesa and other special places in Southern New Mexico

Otero Mesa

The Bureau of Land Management's draft plan for managing public lands in three Southern New Mexico counties needs serious improvement — and your input can improve it. Special places like Otero Mesa and Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks are at risk if the plan is not improved.

You can help by commenting to the BLM: http://bit.ly/12n1UNt

BLM Resource Management Plan for Sierra, Otero and Doña Ana counties needs work — lots of it

Otero Mesa

By Dan Lorimier, chapter conservation coordinator

Back in 1986 the Bureau of Land Management’s Las Cruces District Office, which oversees roughly 5 million acres of federal lands in Hidalgo, Grant, Luna, Sierra, Doña Ana and Otero counties, finalized the White Sands Resource Management Plan for Sierra and Otero counties and in 1993 published the Mimbres Resource Management Plan covering Doña Ana, Luna, Hidalgo and Grant counties.

What was your call to action?


Chapter director’s column by Camilla Feibelman

Most Sierra Club members can tell about a time when they were overcome by awe induced by the natural world. And in the best of cases that awe becomes a dedicated passion for the environment.

Kids change the world - These Santa Fe young people are making a difference - Teaching the president about climate change

Photo courtesy Genevieve Russell

By Mona Blaber
Chapter communications coordinator

Marina Weber has been writing letters to President Obama since she was 6 years old.
Marina’s main concern was about animals suffering and dying as a result of climate change.

Marina, now 10, spoke at the March 1 Renewable Energy Day at the New Mexico Legislature, sponsored by Sierra Club and Got Sol, about why she decided to do more to take action on the climate crisis.

State mining proposal is license to pollute

Coal Waste

By Mona Blaber
Chapter communications coordinator

In 2009, the New Mexico Legislature amended the Water Quality Act to require that the Water Quality Control Commission adopt specific rules for the copper-mining industry.

The stated purpose of the Copper Rule is to provide the industry with requirements for preventing groundwater and surface-water pollution.

Rio Grande del Norte designated a new National Monument: Diverse coalition came together to protect truly special New Mexico place

Rio Grande Gorge - copyright Jeff Potter

By Eliza Kretzmann
New Mexico Wild America coordinator

Washington, DC — On March 25, President Obama designated the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. Located in Northern New Mexico near Taos, the monument area is about 242,000 acres and is home to vast mesas and an abundance of wildlife and recreation opportunities.

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