Zero Waste

Summer Gardening tips

By Jessie Emerson, Zero Waste Committee

Zero waste means no toxic waste in the environment. Summertime, gardening, veggies and flowers mean pest control. Before you reach for a commercial product, read these tips:

1. Rabbits in the garden? Plant some food outside the garden for the bunnies. Wormwood in a border will repel animals and, after establishing, tolerate drought.

2. A dusting of powdered aloe helps keep away insects.

Understanding Santa Fe’s New Recycling Initiative

By Sharon Guerrero, Zero Waste Team

Most of us have questions about the new recycling initiative being implemented in Santa Fe city and county. Here are some helpful hints and websites to clarify any questions you may have.
If you still have questions, contact Adam Schlacter, education outreach coordinator, Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency at 505-424-1850, ext. 420, or e-mail:

No Bag Ban for Los Alamos — Yet

By Jody Benson, Pajarito Group newsletter editor

“Save the Bag” comes to Los Alamos

By Jody Benson, Pajarito Group Newsletter Editor

If you have read comments in the Los Alamos Monitor,, or, you have seen that well-meaning people are either uninformed, misinformed, or have been activated by the American Chemical Association (ACA) to fight a ban on the single-use disposable plastic shopping bag. An interesting assertion from the save-the-baggers is that bags aren’t a problem locally or globally, and there are no bags blowing around Los Alamos.

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