Trapping Reform in New Mexico

Most people are astonished to learn that trapping is still a legal activity in New Mexico. Because fur prices are high now due to demand from fashion houses not only in North America and Europe, but also in Asia, the amount of trapping going on in New Mexico is higher than it has been in years.

Watch this video to see that New Mexicans from many walks of life oppose trapping on public lands.

This site is dedicated to changing the trapping rules to better conform to modern times, better protect the non-trapping public and better protect the “furbearing” animals that are so exploited.

Leg-hold and lethal traps do not belong on public land where their use can decimate local small predator populations, and where other forest users may stumble across a repugnant activity and be placed in harm’s way. When it is trapping season (Nov. 1 to Mar. 15) trappers will be out on our public lands with their traps, so be careful.

The Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club is working toward the goal of removing this practice from public lands. We are compiling information about incidents where the public has had contact with traps on public land. Please report your incidents to us at

Arizona banned lethal and leg-hold traps from public land in 1994. There are exceptions to allow for wildlife relocation and protection for human health. NM is similar to AZ in terrain and amount of public land. Colorado, our neighbor to the north, followed several years later and banned these types of traps statewide except in extreme circumstances which allow for 30 day exemptions.

To get involved, please contact Mary Katherine Ray at 575/772-5655, or

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