Join the team! Volunteer web editor needed

The Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter is looking for a web editor — someone who can update the website and add events, stories, action alerts and other items.
The commitment is only a few hours a month, but it makes a big difference to our communications efforts. Please contact monablaber@gmail.com if you’re interested.

Join our team and stand up for New Mexico's air, public lands, water, wildlife and climate!

GJGJ whole group

The vibrancy and effectiveness of the Rio Grande Chapter is a direct result of the work of many active volunteers throughout New Mexico & West Texas.

Do you want to get more active in protecting the environment but haven't been quite sure how how to make a difference? Maybe you are only available on Saturday afternoons, but want to help when you can.

We Are The Water Sentinels — Rios de Taos

The Water Sentinels—Rios de Taos is a group of Sierra Club volunteers whose primary goal is to monitor the water quality in rivers of Taos County. Sentinels measure water quality components in five streams three times each year and we can do additional testing when someone reports a potential problem. We do have some other goals that may not be so obvious.

You’re making good things happen


By Camilla Feibelman, chapter director

In the face of so many and such complex environmental issues, focus and strategic action are essential to achieving real, tangible change.

Without focus and strategy we might be paralyzed by the scale of what we are confronting. But if we organize in a way that lets people take measurable action toward change that we can see and feel, we are more likely to be successful.

Numbers person? Help and have fun!

The Rio Grande Chapter is looking for an assistant treasurer. While accounting experience is helpful, it is not required. If you can contribute just a few hours a month, you’re our man or woman. Please contact Mark Jones at at jonesmm1@comcast.net or 505/662-9443

A volunteer who makes a difference

DVW listens © Seth Roffman

By Chapter chair John Buchser

Climate change is certainly giving us a slap in the face this year. My relatives in northern New Jersey were directly in the path of Sandy, reminding me of my childhood memories of a very frightening, noisy night followed by the sight of toppled trees along our street in the early ’60s before my family moved to New Mexico.

Volunteer! - Public Lands Activists wanted

Penistaja Badlands 1

Public Lands activists: We need folks to work on forest off-road vehicle problems and
protection of the BLM Badlands in the San Juan Basin. Contact Tom Gorman at
438-3932 or Norma McCallan at nmccallan@mindspring.com.

Volunteers needed

Chapter Fundraising Team members
- This crucial team needs additional members to enable our chapter to expand its evironmental efforts in the critical months ahead Experience in fundraising for nonprofits useful, but any level of experience OK. Contact John Buchser jbuchser@comcast.net, 505-820-0201.

Treasurer for Rio Grande Chapter: Bookkeeping experience valuable; working experience
with Quick Books system useful. Position opens Jan. 1.
Treasurer helper: Bookkeeping experience required, working experience with Quick Books system useful. Open now, this position assists treasurer in keeping our accounting accurate and up to date. Contact Mark Jones 505-662-9443, jonesmm1@comcast.net.

Volunteers needed to monitor Gunnison's Prairie Dogs near Santa Fe

Prairie Dog 2 © Teresa Seamster

If you have an interest in working with wildlife and enjoy watching and recording their activity, come join the Prairie Dog team near Santa Fe each week to check burrows, restore vegetation and monitor population.

Contact: Teresa Seamster at tcseam@qwest.net or 505-466-8964.

Phone Bank Team

Members from around the state to make telephone calls to other members concerning urgent legislation that needs personal calls. Will only be used 4-5 times a year. Will set up a phone bank where feasible, could be done from home. Contact Pat Carlton carlton505@comcast.net, 505-988-1596.

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