New Mexico water policies

Rio Grande Bosque Canal

By Denise Fort, Mike Agar and John Buchser

In general New Mexico water policies have been far too focused on the development of the state’s water resources, without regard to the sustainability of water uses, or the effect on the natural environment of these withdrawals. Now, as climate change ushers in higher temperatures, less predictability in precipitation, and reduced flows in our rivers, we are ill prepared to meet the challenge of adjusting to these changes. Further, our widespread reliance on mined groundwater means that the gap between supplies and our accustomed uses will increase as aquifers are mined.


We Are The Water Sentinels — Rios de Taos

The Water Sentinels—Rios de Taos is a group of Sierra Club volunteers whose primary goal is to monitor the water quality in rivers of Taos County. Sentinels measure water quality components in five streams three times each year and we can do additional testing when someone reports a potential problem. We do have some other goals that may not be so obvious.

Crawford Symposium - Feb. 25 - ABQ


2014 Crawford Symposium ~ Green Trails for the Next Generation ~

What: A gathering and celebration to share our research and ideas about the New Mexico bosque and landscape we cherish. This is an event for high school school & college students, professionals and the community to promote information sharing, networking and action to help create a sustainable future!

Date: Tuesday, February 25th 2014

Location: Bosque School ~ Budagher Hall, 4000 Learning Road NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120

Water Town Hall - April 15 & 16 - ABQ

Water logo - NM First

Dates: April 15-16, 2014
Tentative Times: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Location: Marriott Pyramid North, 5151 San Francisco Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109

Water is perhaps THE most critical policy issue in New Mexico. Without enough clean, available water, our economy, health, environment, and overall population suffers. The topic is far-reaching and complex, as we saw in 2013 with periods of extreme drought followed by unusually heavy rains.

NM town hall sponsored by NM First
NM First

Concern grows over Kirtland fuel plume

Kirtland Air Force Base aerial photo - Wikipedia

By Jeff Potter and Warren Cox, Central New Mexico Group

In the latest in a series of public meetings held over the last five years, residents of Albuquerque’s Siesta Hills, South San Pedro, Trumbull Village and Homestead neighborhoods packed the Cesar Chavez Community Center on Dec. 4 to continue to voice their collective outrage and concern over the pace of the investigation and remedial actions associated with the decades-old Kirtland Air Force Base fuel plume.


Public decries copper-mining rule

ChinoMine-photo courtesy of gilaresources.info

By John Buchser, Chapter chair

It’s getting difficult to keep track.

This spring, more critical environmental protections were added to the list of those dismantled by state commissions appointed by Gov. Susana Martinez.

Santa Fe’s Maxine S. Goad honored by Sierra Club

Maxine S. Goad - photo by Haeli Miceli

By Susan Martin, chapter political chair

Referred to as the “godmother of New Mexico’s groundwater” by Ron Curry, former Cabinet Secretary of the New Mexico Environment Department (and now EPA Region 6 administrator), Maxine S. Goad was instrumental in the development of the state’s groundwater-quality protection program, working first as a citizen advocate and then as a state employee to formulate the rules that are used today.

WQCC and NMED - Protecting New Mexico Water?

Albuquerque North Valley acequia

Protecting New Mexico Water
Renee Blake, Public News Service-NM

  • Public News Service-NM
  • (01/28/13) SANTA FE, N.M. - The Citizens Coalition (made up of Amigos Bravos, the Rio Grande chapter of the Sierra Club and Caballo Concerned Citizens) is troubled by the direction being taken by the New Mexico Environment Department and the Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC) in connection with groundwater. Two industries, in particular, are the focus of recent concerns: the dairy industry and the copper industry.

    Environmental Flows Bulletin - Excellent summary of our ongoing drought effects

    Rio Grande near Albuquerque

    The December 2012 issue of the Environmental Flows Bulletin, produced by the Utton Center at the UNM School of Law , has several highly relevant stories on the ongoing drought in the southwest.
    Environmental Flows Bulletin December 2012 issue


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