Trapping Continues Like It's 1899

Trap Circle

Since the furbearer rules were last reviewed in 2006, New Mexico has killed more bobcats than any other western state, over 10,600 between the years 2006 and 2009. (Last winter’s figures have not been tallied) An outbreak of rabies has cut a swath through fox populations on the Arizona border spilling into bobcats as well. This area is also the most heavily trapped for foxes in the entire state and this exploitation and disease are both ongoing. Heavy snows this past winter across the state have doubtless added to mortality.

Mexican Wolves to Be Reintroduced into … Mexico


It is only fitting that Mexico is now planning to reintroduce lobos into their own country because the last Mexican wolves known to be in the wild were captured there in the late 1970s and placed into captivity to save the entire species. Five wolves will be released into the Sierra San Luis Mountains about 100 miles south of the Arizona/New Mexico border.

New Mexico Wolves Need Your Help!

Wolf1 © 2006 Larry Allen

Code red: New Mexico wolves need your help! The end of 2009 count of Mexican wolves in the wild is sadly disappointing. In Arizona, the number went up from 23 to 29, but the count in New Mexico is down from 29 to only 15!

United States Commits to Jaguar Recovery Plan


At last, there is hope for jaguars in the Southwest. In January, the Obama administration announced that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service would develop a recovery plan and designate critical habitat for these endangered cats. The move came in response to a letter from the Sierra Club and a coalition of environmental groups.

Wild Otters Come Back to New Mexico Rivers

Otter ©2006 Larry Allen

Jan 2010 - Two spunky yearling river otters, a reunited brother and sister, romped and tussled on the banks of the Rio Pueblo de Taos in early fall of last year. They had just been released from separate holding pens by this tributary of the Upper Rio Grande, where they had been held for several days to rest, recuperate, and fatten up after their trip from Washington State to New Mexico.

Now’s the Time To Get out to Wolf Country

Wolf2 © 2006 Larry Allen

August 2009 - It’s the perfect time of year to venture into wolf country in the beautiful Gila and Apache national forests! While experiencing the wild lands where Mexican wolves live, you may even get to see or hear them – and at the same time, you can help gather important information that may save wild lobos.

The Jaguar Embodies Conservation Challenges in the Southwest


June 2009 - We all celebrated to learn that a wild jaguar in Arizona had been captured and collared for study. How grand would it be to learn more about these incredible animals so long absent from the Southwest United States, and wasn’t it amazing that this creature had come back to historical jaguar habitat on his own!

Lobos Still Need Help

Wolf1 © 2006 Larry Allen

May 2009 - They are not big, they’re not bad, and there aren’t nearly enough of them. At last count, there were only 52 Mexican wolves in the wild, with only two breeding pairs.

Help Put Wildlife Services in the Budget Crosshairs

Feb 2009 - President Obama has said he would go through the budget “line by line” and eliminate programs that don’t make sense. Given our economic straits it defies credulity that an agency funded by taxpayers that kills wildlife for the questionable benefit of private livestock producers still exists.

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