Now’s the Time To Get out to Wolf Country

Wolf2 © 2006 Larry Allen

August 2009 - It’s the perfect time of year to venture into wolf country in the beautiful Gila and Apache national forests! While experiencing the wild lands where Mexican wolves live, you may even get to see or hear them – and at the same time, you can help gather important information that may save wild lobos.

The Jaguar Embodies Conservation Challenges in the Southwest


June 2009 - We all celebrated to learn that a wild jaguar in Arizona had been captured and collared for study. How grand would it be to learn more about these incredible animals so long absent from the Southwest United States, and wasn’t it amazing that this creature had come back to historical jaguar habitat on his own!

Lobos Still Need Help

Wolf1 © 2006 Larry Allen

May 2009 - They are not big, they’re not bad, and there aren’t nearly enough of them. At last count, there were only 52 Mexican wolves in the wild, with only two breeding pairs.

Help Put Wildlife Services in the Budget Crosshairs

Feb 2009 - President Obama has said he would go through the budget “line by line” and eliminate programs that don’t make sense. Given our economic straits it defies credulity that an agency funded by taxpayers that kills wildlife for the questionable benefit of private livestock producers still exists.

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