Aim for Zero Waste in the new year


By Jessie Emerson, Zero Waste coordinator

Another year has passed. Zero Waste has been active and met our goals for the year. We wanted to help reduce Santa Fe’s ecological footprint and to collaborate with the city, other organizations, schools and neighborhoods. Helping to pass the plastic bag ordinance in Santa Fe, we met those goals and our goal of education when we showed the film “Bag It” to members.

We are working with Keep Santa Fe Beautiful to increase recycling at youth sport events at the city parks. We donated five recycling bins to be placed at soccer fields and baseball fields. Hopefully, there will be no more plastic bottles littering the ground.

Zero Waste has more ideas for projects, but we need a working team of volunteers to help plan and implement those projects. We want to raise awareness of the importance of reducing our waste.

Rethink: Do I really need this in my house? Can a more sustainable or less toxic item be used?
Reduce: How many miles has this product traveled to the store — and to my house? Buy products with minimal packaging and tell the company with more packaging why you didn’t buy its product.
Recycling: Less is best. Buy items that will last a lifetime. Don’t fill your garage and closets with unused items. Recycle if you haven’t used the item in the past year. Ask yourself why you are keeping these items. It is time to let go.

The Sierra Club adopted a Zero Waste policy in 2008. It addresses not only the quantity of waste we generate but also its toxicity and its important link to corporate responsibility and climate change. Our consumption patterns do matter and do impact our Earth and her inhabitants.

Join Zero Waste Jan. 9 at 6 p.m. at the Sierra Club office for a planning meeting and see a short recycling movie about our own BURT. We will need a team for our “ Adopt a Median” project and to plan our Earth Day activities. Snacks are provided. Contact me at 505-470-1363,