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Zero Waste in Santa Fe - Radio interview with Jessie Emerson

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December 28, 2012 KSFR 101.5 Radio Interview with Chapter Zero Waste Chairperson Jessie Emerson

"Zero Waste" is Jessie Emerson's goal, and she's got ideas on how we can all move toward it in 2013...
DATE: December 28, 2012 • with KSFR radio host Chris Diestler

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    Zero Waste is a concept based on nature. Nature doesn't generate waste or pollution. What is waste for one organism is food for another.

    Zero Waste focuses on reducing waste by reusing products and composting rather than recycling.

    The Sierra Club Policy
    The Sierra Club adopted a Zero Waste policy in 2008. It addresses not only the qauntity of waste we generate but also its toxicity and its important link to corporate responsibility and climate change.

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